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Do the events in Egypt have any prophetic implications?

Do the events in Egypt have any prophetic implications? They certainly do. Earlier this month 2 million Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square (you can see it on YouTube) chanting "To Jerusalem we are heading, martyrs in the millions." Now turn in your bible to Luke 21:20. There Jesus says, "When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near." The desolation refers to Armageddon)

Jerusalem was destroyed and the resident Jews dispersed by the Roman Empire alone in 70CE. God's chosen people did not return until 1948CE. This is the first time in history that Israel has been surrounded by nations that want to see her "wiped off the face of the map."

There is one war that will take place before Armageddon. This war is described by the prophet Ezekiel in chapters 38-39. I believe this is the war Jesus is speaking about. Israel will be victorious. According to the prophect Isaiah (19:18) a vast majority of Egypt will become speakers of Hebrew. Ezekiel tells us that the God of Israel will save Egypt who will repent. Remember, God has used Egypt for His purposes before: He sent Abraham and his people there, where they grew from 70 to millions; and He sent Mary and Joseph there to protect the child Jesus from Herod who was seeking to kill Him.

The good news about the current situation, if it indeed is the time Jesus speaks of in Luke, is that Jesus points this out as a situation that is a sign of the nearness of the rapture of the church. This leaves us with an important question: is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior? If not, then give your life to Jesus today, this very moment. Tell Him that you are sorry for the sins in your life and believe that His blood alone can cleanse you (He died for our sins). Tell Him that as your Lord you are ready to live the life He has planned for you (Jeremiah 29:11), and that as your Savior you are trusting Him for your eternal life and that you will be raptured with His church. Thank Him for filling you with His Holy Spirit who will comfort and guide you. Then go to church regularly (Hebrews 10:25) to worship Him.


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