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Removal of the Restrainer

It is getting harder and harder for the nations to deny that we are in a global collapse morally economically. Droughts are causing death and suffering in someplaces, sky rocketing food costs in other. We see revolutions, some good, most not. The young generations are revolting against tyranny in some places, and just rioting without cause elsewhere, as it seems to be in England. What is the cause of all this global calamity? An easy answer is to say sin. But I think it is deeper than that. I believe we are entering the closing days of the church age and that the Rapture is near by. The fragrance of the rapture is a comingling of the beauty of Christ and the ugly upheavals of the world. Scripture tells us that as the end nears God will begin removing the Restrainer, His Holy Spirit. This is why we see no restraint among the rich and powerful, among leaders of nations, and from the world in general. Without God's restraint we are seeing the increasing influence of Satan. Jesus said that this was his world...for now. Today, make sure you are in a right relationship with Jesus Christ. And then make sure your family, friends, and neighbors hear the Gospel of Reconciliation from YOU. These are days when we should be increasing in love and worship of He Who first loved us. If you want to know how to do this, contact me and we will change that together. If nobody told you they loved you today, I do, but more importantly, so does Jesus.


What is to come?

In a little less than 60 days (by late September) "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" will be withdrawn and gays will be able to live openly in the military. I don't believe God will let this go by unnoticed. I do not believe NYC will go too long without a statement from God. Bloomberg and his immense pride made sure gay marriages would take place on the Lord's Day.

UPDATE: Washington was hit by an earthquake shortly before the Don't ask Don't Tell mandate was lifted!


Where and Against Who Is the Battle?

"Amidst the many dangers posed by the political conflagration now engulfing the Arab world, we are presented with a unique opportunity in Syria which is in the process of falling. In Egypt, the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak has empowered the Muslim Brotherhood. The Sunni jihadist movement which spawned al-Qaeda and Hamas is expected to emerge as the strongest political force after the parliamentary elections in September.
"Just a month after they demanded Mubarak's ouster, buyer's remorse is now plaguing his Western detractors. As the Brotherhood's stature rises higher by the day, Western media outlets as diverse as The New York Times and Commentary Magazine are belatedly admitting that Mubarak was better than the available alternatives.
"Likewise in Libya, even as US-led NATO forces continue to bomb Muammar Gaddafi's loyalists, there is a growing recognition that the NATO-supported rebels are not exactly the French Resistance. Last Friday's Daily Telegraph report confirming that al-Qaeda-affiliated veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are now counted among the rebels the US is supporting against Gaddafi, struck a deep blow to public support for the war.
"The US admittedly has no idea who they fight for in Lybia....or rather who.US Defense Secretary Robert Gates's admission Sunday that Gaddafi posed no threat to the US and that its military intervention against Gaddafi does not serve any vital interest similarly served to sour the American public on the war effort.
"If we look at theis prophetically, it is all leading up to a powerful threat against Israel and the spread of radical Islam throuout Africa over time. In the coming war Isaish tells us the result will be Egypt speaking Hebrew.
"We know Who we fight for and Who fights for us. We know the enemy is "powers and principalitites", the evil One.  Meaning that there is a spiritual foundation to all that is happening in the Middle East. The only source of any insight is found in the Holy Scriptures, both Hebrew and Greek. Old Yestament AND New Testament. Want to build your faith? Watch as worlds written thousands of years ago are being fulfilled before our eyes."

Sudan Tribune: Sudan says Arab revolts a prelude to liberating Jerusalem

March 5, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – A senior figure in the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) in Sudan said today that recent revolts in the Arab world is the beginning of the move towards liberating Jerusalem from Israeli occupation.

Israel considers all of Jerusalem its capital, a claim that has not won international recognition.

Al-Mahdi said that once the unrest unfolds the people in the Arab world will then devote all their energies towards Al-Aqsa holy mosque in Jerusalem.

The NCP official urged Muslims to counter what he described as the Jewish conspiracy to displace the inhabitants of Jerusalem and building The Temple Mount of King Solomon.

The 8th-century Al-Aqsa mosque also stands on the stone esplanade, about the size of a large city square. Judaism’s Western Wall, a Jewish prayer site believed to be a perimeter wall of the second biblical Temple, sits just below.

In Muslim tradition, prophet Mohammad ascended into heaven from the rock at the center of what is now the Dome of the Rock.

We nolonger have to guess what the muslim world's intentions are. They are printing it in their own newspapers. I believe the U.S. will not stand by Israel's side. In fact, I know so by Obama's own words. I believe this will be the war that Ezekiel speaks about. The war in which God will reveal Himself to the world and to Israel, who will receive Jesus as their Messiah and prevail.

In the mean time let us live sanctified lives, let us live to worship, let us look to the skies because this is a sign that the rapture is immenant.


Egypt's New Foreign Minister is Anti-Israel

Nabil Elaraby, Israel's new FM, has in the past accused Israel of genocide against the Palestinians. The accusation earned him a promotion in Egypt's judicial system when he first made the statement. He has now been appointed as Foreign Minister. Such rhetoric, in the name of saving Palestinians, will no doubt be the basis for an attack in the future. Make sure to see the entry below to put this in perspective.