In 1988 a local artist was commissioned to paint this picture of PBC as a retirement gift for Pastor Castle, our Pastor at that time.  He and his wife moved to Florida where, several years later, they went home to be with our Lord. 


In December of 2014, Bonnie Lynch, a member of PBC, was in Florida visiting family for the holidays. While rummaging through old frames at an antique mall in Wildwood, Fl she discovered a picture that looked familiar.  She pulled it out and said to her niece (who also grew up attending PBC), “Doesn’t this look like PBC?”  Her niece quickly exclaimed, “It IS PBC!”  After reading the back of the art piece, they soon realized  it was the one of a kind painting commissioned back in 1988 for Pastor Castle.


Bonnie purchased the artwork and brought it back to the family in Fl who were also long time members of PBC (Victor and Lorraine Singer and Victor Singer, Jr).  As soon as her husband Alan saw what they had found, he immediately said, “That’s what I call a God wink.”  Bonnie and Alan donated the painting to PBC.  Thus the picture, through God’s providence, found it’s way to us at PBC.  It sits on display in the sanctuary to the glory of God.



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